Yes another year is over.  As I get older I realize that the days get longer but the years get shorter.  I ate my way through the holidays.  Is it bad when your mother- in- law says to you while eating your third piece of apple pan dowdy, “Season’s Eatings, son.”JerryPowellonesheet

The best gift I got this year was from my Programmers.  They found some amazing little indies that we will feature at our inaugural festival in Feb.  Thanks guys. (Check out the Photos I posted of some of the films)

There was no down time for us over the holidays.   We are ramping up quickly and will have our final slate of films locked in the next two weeks.    We are also doing a Showcase Premier event at the gorgeous Crest Theater in Westwood on Jan. 9th.   It is going to be a party.   We are screening the scary “Coldwater” and doing a horror film panel and a Q and A.  Many cool guest have already agreed to atttend.    Bloodydisgusting.com is moderating the panel.   My mom is so proud.  (sarcasm)Coldwater invite

I will say that something interesting hit me on New Years eve when I was spending some quiet time with family and friends in Manhattan Beach.  It’s about Content creation.  It isn’t just about watching a love story for the ages, or seeing a jaw clenching car chase scene or screening a heartwrenching drama.   It’s about fun.  I get making content is hard work.  I am the king of complaints quickly get wrapped around the axel of life.   But I have managed to surround myself with people who quickly put me back in line.  And on New Years Eve, that person was my 12  year old daughter.

My daughter pointed out to me that if you can’t have fun creating something then how can you expect people to enjoy watching something you have created.3 References one sheet

So my advice for starting the New Year is that you surround yourself with people who lift you up and speak in truth.   Hollywood will let you down, but these people never will.  So
thank you my sweet Chloe, and boy did I have fun creating you!


Fat Boy….Out

Keith Mitchell