The Home Stretch

Wow!  It’s been a crazy month.  We are about 10 days out from our launch and the Nuho online film festival is coming along very nicely.   This month we hosted a sold out showcase premier event of one of our festival films entitled “Coldwater”. was a sponsor for the event and it was held at the famed Crest Theater in Westwood, CA.   Along with the film we hosted an amazing panel with some real industry pros discussing the art of independent film in the horror space.

Coldwater Panel

The panelist were Adam Green, Darren Bousman, Luke Daniels and Adrienne Biddle.  Their wisdom and insight on navigating the world of independent film was just terrific.  A major theme of the discussion was managing your expectations and taking control over your our career.

Meanwhile back in the office our programmers finalized our film slate for the festival.   We didn’t just want to launch with titles that were not worthy of representing the quality we are looking for in a festival so we had a real challenging time selecting the final content.   Our slate is diverse.  We have horror, romantic comedy, broad comedy, animated, experimental, coming of age, gay themed, adult drama and faith-based.  Wow…that covers a lot.

As we were finalizing our slate and hosting a live event we also filmed several more roundtable discussions.   Be sure to tune in and watch these panels as they begin streaming on Feb. 7 and will run throughout the entire festival.

Survivors films panel As I was moderating these panels I found myself as equally fascinated as a typical filmmaker.   I promise you that you will not be disappointed when you watch these film panels.

Our Nuho team is amazing.   We simply want to provide an alternate solution to the mad cap world of film festivals.  It is our vision to generate exposure not only for the films we screen but for the filmmakers in order for them to continue on with their careers.

Stayed Tuned for a big announcement of a major keynote speaker.  We have had several inquiries from prominent industry professionals about helping us push the first festival out to the marketplace.

I must say this past month has lifted my spirits to a dimension I never thought in terms of accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.   People who I hold in the utmost respect have encouraged me by stating that our festival could change the way the film festivals operate and the prospects of success are endless.

My definition of success is simple.   Did the filmmakers have a good experience in seeing their content delivered in a quality fashion?  Did film viewers enjoy logging on and feel like they actually attended a film festival?


I know pleasing everybody is difficult.   But if there is one thing I learned from moderating these panels it’s that in order to succeed in the film industry you must first have the belief that success is built within.  I know what we created isn’t perfect but it’s headed in the right direction.  And that direction is bringing a red carpet right into your living room.

Love and Light my Friends!!!!